Just Me

This blog is about real life, its ups and downs, joys and challenges. I express real things and I appreciate genuine, sincere and honest people, whether or not they agree with me.  “Being real” is about breaking down walls, starting with those that have grown up within yourself.  It’s about learning how people really think and feel, having the courage to say things out loud and allowing them to do the same.  The best relationships I have in my life are with people who allow me to be me, and allow me to really see them.


I am a middle aged mother of two adult children.  In 2013 my dear husband of twenty-seven years, suffered a traumatic brain injury after a serious motor vehicle accident on his way home from work.  We lost him  forever after over two years of fighting for his recovery.

This event challenged everything in my life: my perspectives, my attitude, and my personal beliefs.  It made me question everything I ever thought I knew.

My blog began at the end of 2014 with the intention of eventually telling our story, and those chapters are now complete.  There is even a book available for those who prefer to read in that format.

From here on will be posts about various topics. I will be honest and real.  I might sound sad, funny, cynical, or just reflective. I might make you mad.  But I hope I always make you think 🙂

5 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Ann, thank you for all that you share! I have not yet finished ‘everything’ yet, but I feel I just might be doing that perhaps this evening. I love your style of writing. I wrote a novel myself and can clearly relate to your feelings/thoughts on specific subjects, especially this time of the year. In closing, may all your days ahead be bright. God bless you!
    Hevinlee Melton


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