Rites of Spring

I chose that title for this post because it reminds me of an episode of the Golden Girls – a favourite TV show of mine – that focussed on all the ways they had tried to lose weight, exercise, make changes in their lives on various occasions.  It was kind of a mixed up episode with a few different scenes, and that’s pretty much how I’m feeling these days.

In just over a week it will be one year since I lost my husband and as I approach that date I continue to have flashbacks that are terribly painful as well as memories that surface and make me smile.  Where this year has gone I don’t know but it has passed and now I’m here at this place, still surviving.

With that, I prepare for another change to come in only a few days when my daughter begins the move into her own apartment and my nest will be empty.  I’m happy for her as she plans how she will set up her own place and we’re shopping for cool things, making lists, going through cupboards and getting her ready for the next adventure in her life.  I remember the fun that was for me and I share her excitement.  But of course, usually when a mother’s nest empties, she still has a spouse to share her life with. So once again I’m reminded of how things are backwards for me, and the typical sadness I would likely feel is compounded by my loneliness for Pat at a time when we would normally be sharing a new stage in our own lives.

But starting out with the Golden Girls reference means that I have to move into a happy place in this post!  Anything less wouldn’t be fitting 🙂  So I decided to share my new adventure:  I’ve taken the step (leap?) into custom quilting.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while but wanted to make sure I had enough of a variety of skills at my disposal before I put myself out there.  I’ve been selling some quilts and getting questions about custom work, so I did some research and got my website set up, started advertising on a small scale, and we’ll see what happens from here.  If it flies, great, and if it doesn’t that’s OK too.  I’m open and I’m enjoying what I’m doing so – as I’ve grown accustomed to doing – I’ll take it one day at a time.

I guess these changes will be my rites of spring since our winter has been so mild that it has felt like spring here for weeks already.  I’m not going to the gym with the Golden Girls, but I have been getting exercise reorganizing and updating my craft room 🙂  I’m also planning to start taking some online quilting classes and a Photoshop course, both of which I can do in my pyjamas while enjoying my morning tea.  I’m always up early, so after studying there’s still plenty of time for quilting!

If you’d like to check out my website, you can find it here: Ann Walsh Quilting

It also has a “follow” option if you’re so inclined.  I will post some projects along the way in addition to the quilts I have available for sale.